Jim Abbott

Abbott 89 UD

Man, this was the card to have back when the 89 Upper Deck high numbers set came out. This kind of time-lapse photography was a complete and total novelty in the hobby (in fact, this may have been the first card to feature such a shot), and Abbott was a red-hot rookie, too. It took a lot of finagling to trade for a copy, and when you got it, you held on to it for dear life. Somewhere between there and here, I lost my copy and had to pick up the high numbers set for a song back in 2003, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

 However Abbott’s career turned out, it was going to be a triumph, but I think he had a pretty decent career. Disregarding his win-loss record, he had lots of years where he was above a 100 ERA+. Pretty damn good! And of course throwing in the inspirational angle, Abbott comes out a winner.

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