Darrel Akerfelds

This guy was a prospect?

This guy was a prospect?


Darrel was one of the first 1988 Score cards that I can remember seeing…I think he especially stood out to me since I hadn’t seen him marked as anything of a rookie or prospect in the Donruss, Fleer, or Topps sets. This turned out to be for a good reason, as the guy was absolutely atrocious in 1987 and didn’t even appear in the majors in 1988. I’m not even sure he would have qualified as a rookie in 1988, so maybe Score didn’t “get” rookie propspects? Even a quick glance at his minor league numbers shows a guy who just wasn’t destined to make an impact at the major league level.
So why include this card as part of my journal? 1. Because it represents one of my earliest run-ins with a rookie card, and 2. it represents those prospects that card manufacturers designate that I just didn’t and don’t “get”, and it’s an especially early example, right on the cusp of the baseball card bubble. I’ve decided to cover a few of these odd choices and their resulting busts, because it paints a bigger picture of what I was dealing with as I grew into a teenage prospector. 

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