Retro Rookie: Ellis Burks

1987 Fleer Update Glossy

1987 Fleer Update Glossy

Or as we called him, “Sille Skrub” (pronounced silly scrub). Ellis is the first in a new series here at Teen Prospector, all about the prospects and rookies who were a little before my time. I’ll be learning more about them and so, hopefully, will you too.
I think a lot of people know about Ellis from his later years, so I’m not going to go too in-depth there. What I want to look at is his minor league and rookie years. Ellis was Boston’s first pick in 1983, #20 overall. He hit .241 with 2 home runs in short season A-ball that year at the tender age of 18. He slowly improved after that, hitting as many as 14 homers in the minors, but never getting his BA above .273 (OBP is not available for that era of minor league ball). It’s kind of odd that he got the call in 1987, as his numbers weren’t that strong, but he did well, going 20/20 that year and making a lot of All-Rookie Teams.
Of course, he went on to have a productive, but not a Hall of Fame, career, but he was a pretty big star in the late 80s, when we christened him with the name. You can tell we weren’t big Red Sox fans…

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