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Wil Cordero

A future wife beater.

A future wife beater.

I debated on whether to feature this card on this site or on its sister site, NatsTown, and ultimately decided that the theme of Gold Leaf Rookies won out over the Expos affiliation, especially as I have a plethora of Cordero cards already.
Wil was the prototypical prospect for me. I’ve mentioned that he was on the cover of the first prospect magazine I ever bought, back in 1988 or 89. He was very highly regarded at the time, with the idea that he was going to be a power-hitting shortstop for the Expos in something of the Cal Ripken mold. I was excited and wanted to snap up any cards I could find of him. Of course, there were a few minor league issues in 1990, but 1991 is when he really exploded onto the collecting scene.
This was, without a doubt, my key Cordero card. The photograph is etched into my brain at this point – just classic Expos uniform, with the pinstripes and multi-colored helmet. These uniforms really rocked, and this card featured the uni well. The photograph in general is excellent, with good composition and balance. Just the kind of thing I’d expect from the set. Too bad Cordero flamed out and was a dick in general, but I still like the card.

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