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Moises Alou

Alou 90 Score

Moises was one of the parade of prospects that I learned about early on, and how about that – he was actually good. Oh, and he was a great Expo, too (as I’ve talked about on that other site). Okay, so he peed on his hands. So what. Nasty? Yes. But effective. I can’t fault him if it worked.
Anyway, I don’t remember if I was excited to finally see an Alou card in the wild, but I know I had multiple copies of this card when I was a prospector, especially since he really only had this and the Fleer card in 1990. Come to think of it, why wasn’t he in the 1990 Upper Deck high numbers set? He was a fairly highly regarded prospect, especially with his pedigree. Kind of odd. Anyway, I still think this is a pretty cool card. It’s the kind of shot you don’t see much of, and on top of that it’s cool to see Alou in a Pirates uniform. 

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